3 Spanish Tokens To Keep On Your Radar in 2022 and 2023


There are currently thousands of crypto projects all over the network. And although many may seem attractive, before investing in any of them, we have to ask ourselves what kind of flow of value it can provide us in the future.

Since, if there is no real utility behind it, it is most likely not the best place to trust our money.

Likewise, the issuer of the assets has to provide us with the financial confidence that, as users, we need. At that moment, the million-dollar question arises: are they really companies with employees, a solid structure, and a business plan?

To answer that question, in this article we will talk about three Spanish crypto-projects that have solid and recognized teams that have been working on them for years and that, in addition, have already developed utilities for their investors.


This project is ideal if you like the coast and everything it offers: sea, beach, water sports, adventures, villas, boats, nightlife…

Seacoast is currently made up of three previously launched applications that are successful within the sector. These are ShoreView, PortView, and PaperBoat.

The launch of $COAST, Seacoast’s utility token scheduled for October, represents a digitalization of the nautical sector never seen before. Currently, the technology used for navigation systems is perceived as obsolete because it has not advanced as other sectors have over the years.

One of the main objectives to which Seacoast is committed is to generate an economy of its own for the nautical and coastal sectors, with which users are able to enjoy their time on the coast to the fullest.

Some of the most representative benefits of this token are the following:

Variable rewards within the world of the coast will vary depending on the number of tokens each user has.There is the possibility of monetizing moorings when they are available, either with the port or between individuals.Obtaining tokens for providing useful information about the coast to other users, for example, for alerting to the presence of jellyfish in an area where scuba diving is common, or revealing the name of a mysterious island.The exploitation of specific areas of the world coast through a metaverse logic applied to the real world, through the appropriation of specific places.

And, although the public of this project may seem quite specific, the opportunities that it presents are multiplied when observing the current state of the market itself, in which there is no solution to date like the one that SeaCoast has been developing during the last 3 years.

Here are the reasons why this company tops our list:

It consists of a team with 20 workers who have been with the team for more than 4 years.Contracts with different ports on the coast for a value greater than €500,000 for mooring guidance.More than €1M in different financing rounds with 20 distinguished investors.Invoicing growing year after year since 2018.Technological assets with a value greater than one million euros.150,000 registered users on its different platforms.Agreements with more than 2,500 tourist service providers on the coast.Winners and finalists of various entrepreneurship and technological development awards, such as Lanzadera.es by Juan Roig (Mercadona).Limitation on the sale of tokens by its main shareholders.The real utility of your tokens in contracting tourist services.

You can join their Telegram here or visit their official website.


In 2016, Juan Antonio Rullán and Guillermo Vicandic, co-founders of Bnext, came up with the idea of ​​giving people back the decision-making power that banks have over their financial lives.

This is how Bnext was born, the pioneer fintech in Spain that has quickly positioned itself as a leader in alternatives to traditional banking since it makes it easier for people to control their money in order to have greater control and security in a simple and different way.

The company currently has more than 200,000 active accounts on its platform.

The company released its B3X token on September 13, listing it on the prestigious Bit2Me and Gate.io exchanges. Here we leave you with part of the benefits that this utility token will have for its holders.

Rewards program with which users can double their rewards in refunds using the Bnext card.International money transfers and the refund of part of the commission on transfers made to other countries.Extra benefits for contracting products within your platform.Refunds of up to 50% of commission on cryptocurrency purchases and salesParticipation in the definition of the roadmap and in the next Bnext productsExclusive access to Bnext DeFi (decentralized finance) products.

If you want to know more about this token, we invite you to visit its official website or join its Telegram.


Metapous is a project that does not leave you indifferent, not only for its detailed planning but also for its inclusive approach and aimed at changing a paradigm.

It is a metaverse with an erotic-sexual theme where users will have the opportunity to find a comfortable and safe place to express themselves, share their doubts and fears, and interact without taboos.

This is a perfect site for all types of users, who will find fun and freedom to express themselves without fear of anything.

This project aims to create an entertainment space and, in turn, offer collective sexual education among its users. Always from tolerance and respect.

Its token, POUS, is scheduled to be launched in November of this year, and its main use will be to serve as a basis for transactions carried out within the Metapous metaverse itself. Of course, it must be taken into account that only those who have a Metapous NFT can acquire the token.

Learn more about this project by visiting its website.

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