Sam Bankman-Fried Tweeting Nonsense; What Does It Mean?



Former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried posted a very cryptic tweet thread that spelled out, “What happened.” The crypto community began speculating, even saying that his account could have been hacked.

Former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried posted a series of cryptic tweets on Nov. 14, leading to much speculation. Bankman-Fried posted an acrostic of tweets that spelled out “What Happened” without offering any other explanation.

He ended the series of tweets by stating that none of what was mentioned was either legal or financial advice. He also acclaimed that his memory might be faulty in parts.

The crypto community was puzzled by the tweets, though most were simply offering criticism in light of recent events. Some compared it to the infamous ‘covfefe’ Trump incident, at least in terms of its meaning, or lack thereof.

There’s plenty of speculation going on as to what Bankman-Fried might be saying. Some in the crypto community are suggesting that the former FTX CEO might be using it to wriggle out of legal trouble. However, at this point, it remains entirely unclear.

Speculation is aplenty as crypto community jokes and seethes

The crypto community is also considering the fact that his account might be compromised. Others are wondering if Bankman-Fried is pretending to be hacked. Even in this theory, there is plenty of mystery in the incident.

The crypto community also thought for a while that Bankman-Fried might be using a bot to remove past incriminating tweets. They argued that there are such bots that can be fooled by posting a new tweet at the same time you delete one. However, it was later proven that it was a false positive, and the deleted tweets were retweets.

No explanations yet from SBF

The tweets were only posted a few hours ago, and Bankman-Fried has not offered any follow-up. At this point, the community simply remains in speculation mode. There were also rumors that he had moved to Argentina, though he told Reuters that he was in the Bahamas.

There is the concern that these tweets could be used against Bankman-Fried, given the legal scrutiny that the fall of FTX is inviting. Such tweets, however they may be construed, will have an impact as investigations pile on. Civil lawsuits are likely to stream in, but what’s more problematic is the fact that the Justice Department may be considering criminal charges.


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